Brathay 10in10, Day 10


It’s a day on from the 10in10, I’m exhausted and too tired to write a decent post but feel I should say something for everyone that has been kind enough to follow my journey and sponsor me.

Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone; Brathay for giving me the opportunity to do the event again and looking after me for 10 days, Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas and all my family for supporting me, all my friends and members of Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners, Rob my knee surgeon, Maria my physio, everyone that has sponsored me or simply cheered me on over the last 10 days. Maybe 1 year the Japanese tourists in Bowness will know what us 10in10ers are up to and will also cheer us as we pass daily.

Off at the Start Day 10

Day 10 is always very emotional and has a fantastic atmosphere and this year was no different with the main marathon having the biggest field ever. I should appreciate it but find it so overwhelming and wish I could sneak away from everyone, quietly dib my chip and get on with the last run. I tried to go for my fastest run and wasn’t doing too bad up to mile 10 but then I realised there was a gap between my aspirations and my energy levels so sadly I slowed second half, rallied last 4 miles and finished with the symmetrical time of 3:43:43. Running on to the lawn of Brathay Hall with hundreds of spectators watching and cheering is such an incredibly special moment after 10 days of such hard work. It was great to see my family, my physio Sarah and the support team headed by Aly waiting for me at the finish.


After failing to complete the event last year, months of injury and a knee operation, to finally run over the finish line of day 10 and complete the event for a 5th time is hard for me to describe but it has to be one, if not my greatest achievement, even if it was not my fastest time for the event.

Me and Joss 2018

I suppose you are all dying to know what my favourite album of all time is?

Well today’s album of the day and my number 1 album of all time is, Frankie goes to Hollywood “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome”. Arguably the pinnacle of 80’s pop, this band I loved and they were untouchable in 1984. I still thoroughly enjoy their music today. Coincidentally the title goes some way to expressing how I feel too.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood


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