I Love. . .

People I love

My beloved wife and conscripted blog editor in chief, Yuk-Lam, my children Abbey & Lucas, my Parents Irene & Bill & brother Paul.

Fellow running mates from my running club, Astley and Tyldesley Road Runners they are such a fantastic bunch. I feel I should also mention Swinton Running Club where I was a member for over 10 years. I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without the support they gave me over that time. I still have some good friends there, I’m sure they know who they are and it’s great to still see them at races.

Finally but not least my many other friends, who from their own choice have put up with me over the years!

Hello to any of you that reads this.

Yuk-Lam, Abbey & Lucas at Brathay Windermere Marathon May 2007

Things I Love

• Music especially New Romantic Eighties, Electronic and Classic House.
• Memorabilia from the Hacienda Night Club, I loved the place when I was younger and even have a piece of the dance floor!
• I was a member of Eccles Archery Club, shoot a recurve bow and hope to get a traditional long bow one day.
• Lotus Esprits, MGBs and other sports cars.
• Ford 100E vintage vehicles and our works 1960 Ford Thames 300E Van, we’ve had it restored and its cool!
• Disappearing from this mad mad world to the peace and tranquility of Anglesey, a lovely island, it used to have a good marathon and I hope it returns some day.